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The Snowman And TheRed Thread
Created By Michael Allen Harrison
Illustrated By Michael Hague
(Recommended For Ages 3-8)


Michael Hague is renowned as the illustrator of many children's classics, including editions of The Wizard Of Oz, Peter Pan, The Hobbit, and The Velveteen Rabbit. He also illustrated The Book of Ghosts, Where Fairies Dance, The Book of Wizards, and The Book of Fairy Poetry as well as wrote and illustrated the graphic novel in The Small. Michael lives with his wife, Kathleen, in Colorado Springs, Colorado. 


Michael Allen Harrison has been working on this story for several years since it's first inception as a Children's Ballet back in the early 90's. With a renewed vision and collaboration with Cayla Bleoaja... He's now ready to share this beautiful story about a very shy girl named Cora Mae and her adventure with "The Snowman"


More About Michael Hague: Click Here

Cayla Bleoaja 


The Snowman And The Red Thread is a magical adventure for children. Recommended  ages 3 - 8.  Any age will enjoy the story and the music. The story is narrated by a young mother with two little ones at home of her own. Molly Parker's warm story telling and vocals add a sweet charm to the experience. The audio book is designed  to be participatory.  The entire audio book has a musical score throughout with sections where you can sing along or get up and dance with your child. A great adventure with life lessons to be learned about having a friend and being a friend.

When Will The Book Be Out?

The book will be out for the 2024 holiday season fully illustrated by world renowned artist Michael Hague.

We are so excited to see his finished artwork and share it with you!

In the meantime enjoy the audio book now and next year enjoy it again with the published book on your lap with your child.

Special thank you to Mike Richardson and Dark Horse Entertainment for your support on this project. 

Download Audio Book Here:

Narration & Vocals

By Molly Parker

How To Listen:

After you have downloaded the Mp3 to your computer, tablet or phone you can pair your device to any bluetooth speaker. It's also great to listen to in the car. The car limits your child to get up and dance but can have a happy time moving about strapped in their car seat. 

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