~ Michael Allen Harrison Sheet Music ~

The Awakening

Michael's number one selling song... Inspired by a trip to the Awakening Museum in Santa Fe New Mexico

Will You Take Me There

One of Michael's most requested song's at his concerts. "Will You Take Me There" was created at one of his shows. Michael did an improvisation at one of his concerts at The Old Church for someone's birthday as a dedication... The first 5 notes were given by the birthday girl and the rest is history !   

Calling On Angels

Michael's new hit song "Calling On Angels" has been hitting the hearts of many fans. Many requests for the sheet music so others can perform the song at a wedding,insoirational event or memorial service.

"Calling On Angels" is a call out to the Angels following us, for us to be Angels to one another and to be an Angel to yourself... The nicer we are to ourselves the nicer we are to each other !!!

February's Child

Michael's biggest hit of all time written in 1991. The sweet charm of a new born child born inFebruary!