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Michael Allen Harrison's Christmas At The Old Church

"One Of Portlands Most beloved Traditions".... The Oregonian

Michael Allen Harrison
Julianne Johnson

Featuring - Julianne Johnson

Michael Allen Harrison's Christmas At The Old Church Always Captures The Spirit Of The Season !!!

Michael's Christmas at The Old Church is one of the most beloved traditions every holiday season. 

The show is known for Michael's beautiful, inspirational, innovative Christmas arrangements, the legendary vocals of Gospel, Blues & Jazz singer Julianne Johnson, the best new young talented artists, and gifted children from our community.

Michael believes the music of the season is some of the greatest music ever written for the world which brings us together

to deepen our hope, fellowship, and love…. 

"We all come together at The Old Church to feel something special during the holidays."

Michael Allen Harrison

Dec. 13th -24th, 2024  ~  19 Shows

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Dec. 24th - 8:00pm -Solo Piano - Buy Tickets

Box Office - 1-800-820-9884

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