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(Portland Oregon Musical Theater Awards)

Best Original Score , Best Original Song, Outstanding New Musical

Premiered in 2012 - Stumptown Stages - Portland, Oregon

Directed By Tony Award Winner - Corey Brunish


 It’s A Wonderful Life musical adaptation of Frank Capra’s classic film is one of the greatest stories of all time and holiday favorite for all ages! 

Clarence the angel  helps a compassionate but despairingly frustrated businessman by showing what life would have been like if he never existed.

The Love story between George and Mary, George's dedication to his family and friends,  the torch from his father that he carries to better his community is all revealed as George takes a deeper look at his life. 

Michael Allen Harrison and Alan Berg's award winning scores and songs are influenced by the Broadway traditions of Rodgers and Hart, George and Ira Gershwin, and Cole Porter. They will inspire your cast, your musicians, and delight your audiences. The songs are memorable, fun and powerful.


It's A Wonderful Life is the perfect show to present over the holiday season for Professional Theaters, High Schools and Community Theaters. 


Here are several recorded songs

from the live show or studio demos

List Of Songs


It's Not Hard Work Working On Christmas Eve

No Such Thing As A Good Boy

The World I've Never Known

The Charleston 

I'll Give You The Moon

Watching From Heaven

Going All The Way

It's A Wonderful Life

You Gotta Have Faith

I Love You Truly

You Alone

God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman

Calling On Angels


It Was You

Hark The Herald / Auld Lang Syne


Show Essentials:

Book  - Janet Mouser  

Music By - Michael Allen Harrison

Lyrics By - Alan Berg 

Additional Lyrics By - Michael Allen Harrison

"It Was You" - Music & Lyrics By - Julianne  Johnson

Photo Gallery

From 2014 Production

Character Breakdown for It’s A Wonderful Life Musical:

Note: Family Members and Appropriate Townspeople will be Chorus for Funeral and Wedding, Nightmare Ballet and Finale


Cop, Friend of George 35-45 easy going must harmonize with Ernie


Taxi Driver, Friend of George 35-45 easy going, comic


Pharmacist, older, drinking problem (Young George works for him at soda fountain/delivery),

breaks down and cries, befriends George later in life and is a loyal supporter 50-70

Mrs. Bailey Georges Mom:

Nice 1930’s type Mom, caring, knows her son and family relationships, 45-50

Pa Bailey:

( Doubles as Voice from Above) Georges Father 45-55 Good man, proud of sons, works hard, helps his community, dies too early, admired by townspeople ( Can play Voice from Above as well)

Mary Hatch:

Georges Girl and then Wife, can play 18-36 sweet but strong,

1940’s type wife, adores George and her children.

George Bailey:

Protagonist, Everyman character, can play 20-40 good actor/singer Full of aspirations and adventure wants to leave small town and see the world. Loves Mary but must sacrifice his desires for family.

*Harry Bailey:

(Also plays Ed, and Dr. Campbell) George’s younger brother, handsome, MC at dance,

football player, and military hero can play 17-30 Marries Ruth


( Also plays dancer, Mrs. Davis, Customer’s Wife at Martini’s) Harrys Wife.

From wealthy family, college educated can play 17- 22 nice girl

Uncle Billy:  

Getting Forgetful, Likable,. Not a good businessman 56, partner in Building and Loan

Cousin Tilly:

Character type, works at Building and Loan with George and Uncle Billy,

tends to over react,  loves to take pictures 55

Janie Bailey:

10- 11 (also plays Young Mary Hatch)  plays piano or instrument like a recorder and practices

Hark the Herald Angels Sing, over and over irritating her Dad

Zuzu Bailey:

6-7, shortest kid, youngest girl, sweet and precautious, has every time bell rings line and has important scene with George about her  flower, must be  small enough to be held up by her Father

Young George:

10-13 (also plays Pete Bailey and Freddie’s Friend at Dance) good young actor.

Tommy Bailey:

6-7 young and small enough to pull on Dads coat tails, a few lines



Sent down to be George’s Guardian Angel (to save him from taking his life). He is an angel in training, a clock maker, keeper of time, and this is his 2nd chance to make good and earn his wings. Not the brightest bulb, but kind hearted and fun-loving. He loves Mark Twain’s Tom Sawyer and brings it to earth with him to read. Great character actor with good comic timing, a twinkle in his eye.


(“Human” Antagonist of play, strong character actor, Scrooge-like, has own self interests in mind,. Owns the town, enjoys the power that affords him. Commanding presence, in wheel chair, 60’s to 70’s

*Potter’s Bodyguard “Goon”:

 ( Also plays Mr. Welch ,who hits George in bar, and Tom) strong, pushes Potter’s  wheelchair, ,20-40


Also plays “Woman” in Bank Scene top of Act II) The town bad girl, pretty,

all about style, sensuous girl, a flirt plays 18-35, good dancer

Sam Wainwright:

(Also Sheriff, Townsperson) (College friend, likes Mary, gets rich,( on plastics) a nice nerd , dancer/ singer


(Also plays Charlie) Mary’s brother, works in luggage store, nice, dancer /singer


Mary’s Date, (Also Townsperson in Bank Scenes and Flashbacks), full of self,

immature high school type prankster dancer/singer

Mr. Martini:

Italian Immigrant helped by George (also plays*Vi’s Suitor #1 and Randall) 20-30 dancer/singer

Vi’s Suitor #2:

(Also plays Mr. Carter, Customer with Wife at Martini’s and Man walking down Street)

20-30 dancer/singer

Mrs, Martini:

( Italian Immigrant wife with Baby)  also plays Mrs. Thompson ,  

Voice of Mary’s Mother and Townsperson in Pottersville Dream Sequence